Monday, April 29, 2013

Monday, June 18, 2007

Why I support RSS

What we mean by India ?

Because I believe what we call India is not based on its geographical area but its culture, value and heritage. These three are the basis for identifying ourselves as Indians. In other words, you may belong to India (Residing inside the Indian Judiciary limits) but at heart you may not be an Indian and Vice versa..

What’s our culture, heritage and values ?

Our culture is the different school of thoughts that originated here and the practice based on that. It even includes atheism in its purest form.
The different school of thoughts are called as Sanathana Dharma.

So people who don’t come under Sanatana Dharama are not Indians ?

Yes. Because sanatana dharma is all pervasive. It includes the best thoughts viewed in different dimensions. Anything that speaks the truth is dharma and Sanathana dharama is the eternal truth. So anything against the eternal truth is not Indian

What are the threats of Sanathana Dharma ?

Internal - Cast based discrimination (I believe that cast exist in its purest form and saves Sanatana Dharma from external threats, I am only against cast based discrimination)

External - Adharmic forces like

Missionaries. Converting people showing false miracles and by exploiting their poverty.
All forms of fanatics who force others to do or believe something.
All those who are against the dharma.

Why should I bother about abrahamic religions ?

Because our dharma will flourish only if we are a majority. Demographic changes will have an incredible effect on our system. We are not controlled and regulated by a single organisation but abrahamic religions are. More their numbers increase more their voice and strength increases. More we are scattered and divided more insignificant we become. We need unity and for that a we need a binding force.

Why I support the RSS ?

Its undoubtedly the binding force of the real Indians. Because our dharma is being attacked by various forces like the Communist, Christian missionaries, Islamic fanatics, self proclaimed intellectuals, escapist, sickulars in the name of neutralist etc. We are badly in need of an organization to counter all these evils. As far as my knowledge goes RSS is the only answer.

Isn't our Dharma advocate tolerance ?

Yes it advocates tolerance, but not against adharmic forces. Its very clearly said time and again “You have to fight adharma and that’s your duty” So tolerance is not synonym to keeping quiet when our house is in fire. It also says "Dharmo rakshathi rakshitaha" meaning "dharma protects one, who protects dharma"

More thoughts will follow